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Welcome to the Treblotto Tablet Interface Codeplex page. I started this application suite when I got extremely frustrated with Wacom's Windows driver for the Cintiq. It seemed to ignore the HID Usage Tables, be centered on the WinTab interface, and designed and treated as if it were an Intuos, except where it was convenient to drop functionality that, in some cases, didn't matter for a Tablet Display. However, if a functionality that would be necessary for a Cintiq that isn't necessary for an Intuos, it is not present. I detail this here: TTI Background (a.k.a Why Should I Use Your Driver instead of Wacom's?)

In order to make my life a little easier, I reverse engineered Wacom's USB Input Reports, and created a driver that allowed me to set the TabletPC Display, work with NVIDIA's Mosaic and Pan & Scan Technology, as well as accessing all of the swipe features available for Windows 8/8.1 using pen input.
If you're wondering why I would do this, please read My Background.

Unfortunately, this driver is only compatible with Windows 8/8.1. To get the functionality I wanted out of my tablet, I had to write a Kernel Mode driver. In order for this to work on anyone's system with a Cintiq installed, the driver has to be signed with a Code Signing Certificate. I bought a SHA-256 certificate in October 2013, and in November 2013 Microsoft announced that it is deprecating SHA-1. However, when I started this project Windows Vista/7 did not have the ability to read Kernel/Boot time drivers that are signed with a SHA-256 encryption. So, sorry to all of my Windows Vista/7 tablet users. In order for this to follow the intent of code signing, I will provide you with the drivers, but for security & liability concerns, neither the KMDF driver, nor the CLR Libraries are open source. (You do want this driver to work without having to run Windows in Test Mode, right?).

GripPenSettingsMini.pngAt Present, there is ‘full’ support for the DTK-2100 and limited support for the 24HD. There isn’t any support for the 13HD and 22HD, but limited support can easily be accomplished if someone who has one of those tablets can provide some information.

This is a work in progress, and there WILL be random errors. I only hope that I can actually provide you with a way get the most out of your tablet without having to convince Wacom that your request is more important than all of the other issues they are dealing with. Let's be honest, SW development isn't easy, nor is HW development. My frustration is that the Cintiq (display) is given a premium price tag, but the software/driver support is not even to the same level as the Intuos.

Note: In my opinion, the WinTab API is now pointless. Work began on that API in 1991! It was finalized around 1993-5. About that time, the next generation of connectivity was being formed: The Universal Serial Bus. LCS Telegraphics, the company that led the committee that produced the WinTab API, was also heavily involved with defining the Human Interface Device Class Specification. Because of this, the WinTab API is not implemented, and it will not be implemented. If you are a user of a WinTab program, (Adobe CS, Manga Studio, etc.) do not use this driver suite, as it will make your life more difficult.

Please remember that Wacom has its own goals they are trying to accomplish. I do not agree with them, and instead of writing more e-mails and complaining, I decided to fix what I perceive as the shortcomings of the driver.

Also, updates will be minimal as I have a full-time job, a family, and music I want to write.

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